10 best Gopro Karma Drone Bundle Deals | 2021 (Buying Guide)

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Gopro Karma Drone Bundle Deals

 Gopro Karma Drone Bundle Deals: GoPro has taken the drone to the next level with Karma. Capture stunningly soft, hand-mounted, body-mounted images in the air with Karma Drone Bundle. The GoPro Karma is a capable drone that has some features that set it apart form the DJI platforms. GoPro is marketing this drone as a complete system. A game style controller with built-in touchscreen makes flying easy and fun.

Ultra-portable, Karma folds to go anywhere, packed in its own lightweight case. Simply separate the camera stabilizer and combine it with the included Karma Grip for incredibly smooth images on your hand or body. With GoPro Karma Drone Bundle You are able to remove the GoPro action camera from the drone and use it as a stand-alone camera.  By removing the camera you also have a handheld gimbal called “Karma Grip” that stabilizes your GoPro footage as you capture the moment.  It folds down like its close competitors for easy transport.

List of The Gopro Karma Drone Bundle Deals

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GoPro Karma drone bundle price

The GoPro Karma Drone costs $799. It doesn’t include a GoPro camera. However, GoPro also provides bundles that can subtract $100 from the total value. The Karma + Session bundle costs $999, while Karma + GoPro Hero 5 costs $1,099. All Karma kits come with drones, controllers, toaster mounts, grips and backpacks, with everything.

When the Karma drone was first announced at the end of 2015, it entered a competitive world. Directed by Behemoth DJI, which is for drones, well, GoPro has to make POV action cameras, the consumer drone market was already very crowded. And The GoPro Passenger app allows your friends to monitor your flight and control your GoPro while you’re travelling. It’s always good to have a co-pilot! As you need a GoPro camera to fly, this pack includes the HERO5 Black and all the accessories needed to create an experience and capture your adventure from all angles.

According to a recent statement from GoPro, “Karma reached the market position No. 2 in its price band in 2017 …” – This may well be true, but there was a lot of space between number one and two. However, neither GoPro nor DJI has published the actual market share numbers. IN 2015, Unfortunately, just a few days after Karma release, DJI announced the Mavic Pro, which was much smaller, lighter, more compact, faster, with visual sensors and long battery life.

When the Karma drone was first announced in late 2015, it entered a competitive world. Led by DJI Giant, which is for drones, well, GoPro is for POV action cameras: the consumer drone market was already very full. But he was still initially keen on Karma as it was one of the first folding drones, making it more portable than anything in the DJI line. Unfortunately, just days after its release, DJI announced the Mavic Pro, which was much smaller, lighter, more compact, faster, had visual sensors and much longer battery life.


Karma Drone
Maximum Speed35 mph (15 m/s)
Maximum DistanceUp to 9,840ft (3,000m)
Maximum Flight Altitude10,500ft (3,200m)
Maximum Wind Resistance22mph (10m/s)
Operating Frequency2.4GHz
Dimensions (Opened)Length: 12in (303mm), Width: 16.2in (411mm), Height: 4.6in (117mm)
Dimensions (Folded)Length: 14.4in (365.2mm), Width: 8.8in (224.3mm), Height: 3.5in (89.9mm)
Propeller Length10in (25.4cm)
Karma Controller
Screen Size5in (12.7cm)
Screen Resolution720p
Screen Brightness900 nits
Battery Life4 hours
Operating Frequency2.4GHz
Karma Battery
Dimensions Length8in (201.3mm)
Width3.6in (91.62mm)
Height1.75in (42.7mm)
Weight19.3oz (545g)
Flight TimeUp to 20 minutes
Rating14.8V 5100mAH (75.4Wh)
Battery TypeLi-Po
Karma Charger
Rating16.8V 5A
Charging Time for Karma Battery1 hour
Charging Time for Karma Controller2.5 hours
Charging Time for Karma Grip2 hour
Karma Stabilizer
Range of motion-90° to 0° (down/up)
Camera Compatibility:HERO8, HERO7, HERO6, HERO5, HERO4
Number of Axes 3

Key Features:

  • Safe and easy to fly: built-in No-Fly Zones keep you from flying into restricted areas
  • Flying safe is good karma: if you need to bring Karma back, simply hit the Land button and the drone will automatically return to you
  • Ultra-portable folding design: Karma folds into its own lightweight, compact case that’s comfortable to wear during any activity
  • Smooth aerial footage: capture breathtaking shake-free footage from the air with the Karma’s removable stabilizer – delivering the smooth look of professional production
  • Made to keep you flying: each replacement arm comes with the tools you need to do the job yourself
  • See the big picture: Karma’s front-mounted camera design ensures that the propellers, arms and landing gear stay out of your shots
  • Experience life as you see it: your GoPro can be adjusted to capture video and photos with a straight, natural horizon
  • High-efficiency propellers: because Karma’s propellers generate more lift than most propellers, Karma can fly more efficiently with a lot less noise than the regular prop
  • Easy do-it-yourself repairs: switch out the damaged gear in just a few minutes
  • Charge it up: Karma’s 5100mAh 14.8V battery provides up to 20 minutes of flight on a 1-hour charge

Pros and cons of GoPro Karma

  • Good image quality thanks to GoPro Hero5 4k action camera: With drones already designed around the excellent camera, this is definitely a product made using imaging.
  • Stabilization: The stabilization package has not only enhanced the cool performance of drones, but also the way it controls the air.
  • Smooth control: The control over this gadget is very slick, so it is quite simple to manoeuvre in tight distances or even maintain whole control of drones when flying in indoor places.
  • Portable: GoPro Karma also includes a foldable design which makes it exceptionally portable and ideal to match any sort of backpack or take on the street. Like you will be with any sort of GoPro camera, then it is a drone that fits perfectly along with your bag or for any type of vacation.
  • No collision detection: GoPro Karma did not include any collision detection, autonomous flight control, automatic landing function, or any useful flight-facilitating features.
  • Short battery life: Another drawback of this drone is that with improvements to defend the battery, the drone has comparatively short battery life. If you are searching to acquire a whole lot of footage from the drone, then it has a rather short flight period. Without any collision detection or added features with your pc, there are far more intelligent drones which can be found on the marketplace which could also prolong battery life.

The Camera

It’s no question that GoPro makes the best action camera in the business.  The camera has built-in water resistance and can take a beating.  You can purchase these cameras separately or purchase a GoPro Karma Drone that includes the camera and the Grip.

The Karma lacks some of the sensor features that the DJI products have like activity tracking and does not do as well for collision avoidance and return to home.  This is still a respectable setup that allows you to branch out into other activities when not flying your drone.


One thing GoPro Karma did particularly well was to create a cute controller. The RC driver is relatively small, but it looks exactly like playing a game with many features and you don’t need to have a compatible device to use the drone. The other extremely strong point is the camera. No one can build a fantastic outdoor camera as robust as a GoPro with the Hero 5 Black version of this drone that can shoot in 4K with exceptional video quality, capturing your fantastic videos and still images on this drone.


In general, the GoPro Karma is powerful enough for a drone. While it can be expensive compared to the specifications of some of the other drones, if you have any experience with in-flight drones and are looking for exceptional image quality, this may be the option especially for you if you are looking for an unmanned laptop.

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